Okinawa Brown Sugar Curryあじとや

 Hokkaido , has produced the 5 hotels of curry restaurants in the Northeast , Kenji owner Chef Yamazaki , Okinawa emigrated in 2012 in the wake of the Tohoku Earthquake.

Okinawa Prefecture turmeric based on Sri Lanka of organic spices , and Ya to devise a unique spice curry Okinawa who arranged the brown sugar , unique , healthy , and delicious ! Earn while quickly a reputation . Currently , we are developing three stores in Okinawa Prefecture .
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Superiority of brand and business

Product competitiveness

あじとやスープカレー あじとやスープカレー
 Sapporo birthplace of soup curry , is a unique curry which was arranged in a turmeric - brown sugar in Okinawa Prefecture . Okinawa customers , as well as the United States , Taiwan , Hong Kong , also customers from Korea many , until the regulars of the favorite spices , the store is crowded every day .

News hook

 Speaking with Japanese curry , I think people often are recalled Kokoichi 's .
However , there is a Japanese curry is much diversity , Masonry curry craftsmen who were obsessed spices research , in the imagination , even the Indian people of Honke we engender every day a whole new curry like surprised .

Soup curry we provide also a big hit in Japan , already established as one genre of NIPPON curry . NIPPON curry , as ramen was the case , as " Japanese " , I believe that it is now the most attention to gather food in the world .

High-quality training program

 As noted in our corporate philosophy , we are not in the diet , such as industrial products , we hope to provide a healthy diet are safe and secure . Technical capabilities also to foster even higher chef talent aspirations , we would like to leave the store operations to center them .

Therefore , more quick , sorry to customers who are interested in franchise system like can also be provided in the amateur part-time job , we can not provide such a system .

 We are chef personnel training bases , in the store of the Okinawa Prefecture Chatan , we will attend the Yamazaki guidance of personally by the owner and chef about a month . However , it does not go unfortunately to say that this training only < AJITOYA > chef initiation into the secrets .When the store opened at everyone of Taiwan , each of the four days in the actual store of Taiwan to 1 , 2, 3 and 6 months , do the hands-on guidance in line with the site . We have a responsibility to everyone in the store operated ride to reliably track , we will continue to continue to your relationship .

Profitability ( season,customer )

カレーの具 カレーのスパイス
 Curry of sales is not only difficult to be affected to change of season , it has been loved by a wide range of audiences , from children to adults .
In particular, we < AJITOYA > of curry of the crazy made ​​people a lot to spice , is often heavy repeater has become a feature .

Exertion of individuality

 Curry has a high food affinity , it can be deployed to a variety menu . In addition to the Japan I think that it is different local needs and culture, customs , even taste .We along with the local chef laden a certain experience , we want actively involved in the development of your local menu .The store everyone , certainly to < AJITOYA > inasmuch , will continue to promote the store building with a personality that each was different .

AJITOYA's mission

  • And not in the kitchen , such as the factory , from the kitchen of one corner of the street corner , and provides a meal in the high cook aspirations and technology
  • By human resources with the ambition and overwhelming sense of ownership , while there is a sense of unity , unique and store operations respectively
  • Community and collaboration ( producers , companies , citizens ), and begat the innovation that only its own is not be raised , and will continue to create new value.

For franchise

We seek out franchise of the 21st century.

 And to imagine to hear that franchise of food is , mass production , uniform store , I would not in the labor by many amateur part-time job ?
We would like to provide Standing return , a healthy diet is safe and secure honestly to the origin of the < food > . From the kitchen of the corner of the street corner , the provision of meals by chef with high technology and aspirations . And , while there is a sense of unity , and a unique store operations , respectively , was the idea exactly opposite to the up to this, we would like to build a new franchise business with you .

Why we started from Taiwan ?

 We < AJITOYA > foreign closest to Okinawa that deployment is Taiwan .In addition , Taiwan is the number of store openings per Japanese curry shop populous in by far in Southeast Asia . Therefore , Taiwan people , the Japanese curry , surprisingly unique and as ramen , yet you know already that delicious . For us < AJITOYA > of curry , it is because of serving the overwhelmingly high evaluation , we felt that it is Taiwan .

Accession requirements

アイコンServices provided from headquarters

< Before opening >
■ OJT training and guidance(1month Okinawa)
・Cooking skills as a chef
( Curry cooking , food preparation , dish , multiple order correspondence , broth , turmeric rice ... )
・floor staff
( Order , cash register , catering , cleaning , washing , drink preparation , in-store POP, communication with customers ...)
・Knowledge and skills training as a manager
( Equipment , conductors , shift , employee management , counting management , suppliers trading , marketing , advertising ... )
■ Use of the hideout and trademark
■ Store location , design , interior , furniture , and advice on tableware.
< After opening >
■ Work during training and guidance(6 days Taiwan)
■ 1、2、3、6 months training(Each of the 4 days Taiwan)
■ 12 months for each training(4 days Taiwan)
■ It provides hideout and original spices.

アイコンStart-up capital

Admission fee:
Prior training(1 month):
100万円(Okinawa Accommodation cost included)
Opening after training(Opening、1、2、3、6 months after):
Each 20万円(Taiwan Lecturer of travel expenses and accommodation cost included.)
Opening after training(12 months each):
Each 20万円(Taiwan Lecturer of travel expenses and accommodation cost included)
Kitchen instrument:
70万円about(30seats・Reference value)
Interior and signboard:
100万円about(30seats・Reference value)
Furniture and tableware:
180万円about(30seats・Reference value)

Revenue model

Number of seats
Shop area
70㎡(Including kitchen)
Average spending per customer
Monthly sales
1,000円 × 60sales × 26day = 1,560,000円/Month(Sales since the start after three months)
Purchase(Raw material costs)
Rental Rates
Water and utility costs
Others ( consumables , repair costs , advertising costs )
・・・And when , and operating profit ⇒ 22%(=343,200円/Month)
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